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Important measurements for the Indian Kitchen

Most of us pass a lot of time in the kitchen. The following are a few important things to make sure that the kitchen is more comfortable to do your activity..

In India most of the people used semi modular kitchen. the structure and the counters of the modular kitchens are representative by the builders

Counter Height

The optimal height of the Indian women is 34" . According to the height Ideally, there are three different counter height.

Cooking Surface

This is the elevation of which the cooking happens, It is about 2" lower than the preparation surface and 5" under the elbow, about 34". This is for the hot oil does not splashed at the face height.

Low-level Surface

This one is around 8" under the elbow. This is mainly used for intensive tasks where you can kneading dough, butchering meat etc..

Counter Depth

The normal size of the counter is 24. if the people are small in height, the bottom can be made a little to take the better access to the wall cabinets. If the kitchen is small, the depth should be made to 18" to take better moving space in the kitchen.

Wall Cabinet Height

The space between the counter and the wall cabinets can be at least 20. In Indian houses, the backsplash is 24. on top of which the cabinets are placed.The size and the depth of the cabinets should be adjusted according to the bottom of the counter, the person height, and the backsplash height.

Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle should be built considering the refrigerator, sink and stove.

Other Counter Space

If there is a distance of around 12, on side of the stovetop, it would be used do the preparation work optimally.