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All You Need to Know About Modular Kitchen

This guide explains some of the key terms in the manufacturing process.

Machine Pressed vs Hand Pressed Sheets

According to your vendor's capacity, the laminates are pressed manually or machine pressed on the plywood.

Hand Pressing - The plywood and laminates are cutting as needful, laminates are joined and stick on the plywood.

Machine Pressing - The laminate is deeply pressed on the plywood using machines. Machine Pressing are in two types. Machine Pressing is lot of better life when compared to hand pressing. Hand pressing will give the uneven finish and make the bubbles between the laminate and the plywood


"Postformed" simply means "formed after laminated" to the plywood. Postforming is a general process of where laminates are smeared to a plywood or substrate with primarily formed edges, and the laminate should be rolled over the edges to make a single, unbroken laminate face.


The plywood will be a raw edge when the plywood is cut. edge band is the raw edges are smeared with a narrow strip of material this process is called Edge Banding. The thickness of the edge band different from 0.5mm to 2mm with a little variation in the price.The value of 2mm edge band is 3-4 times more than 0.5mm edge band.